Reports: Zola accused of selling a dog for beer money

Zola (Mzansi Magic)
Zola (Mzansi Magic)

Johannesburg- It seems like Zola just can't escape the drama. 

For months the iconic musician hogged headlines after it emerged that he was down-and-out.

However, Zola has managed to bounce back making his return to TV on Isibaya, AyeAye and his latest show, Utatakho. 

Now, in what can be dubbed as the oddest scandal ever, it's being reported that Zola has been accused of selling his friend's dog for beer money. 

It's believed that Zola was lent an incredibly expensive boerboel so that his dog would have company. 

"As far as I know, it's with him because we had an agreement. But I was told that he took my dog and sold it for beer money. I went to his studio and the guys there told him that he did (sell it). It really broke my heart because I really loved that dog," Gift Mphokane told Sowetan

Apparently Gift paid R8000 for the dog as a puppy. 

Zola hit back at the claims explaining that Gift had left the dog with him for two years and when the maintenance of the dog became too much for him to cope with, he called the SPCA to collect the dog, which he has dubbed a 'demon.'

"The dog was basically a demon because it was super aggressive. I called the SPCA three months ago and told them to come get this demon out of the house," Zola added. 

Our reaction? 8k for a dog?