Riky Rick on gay comments: Open your minds black people!

Riky Rick (Instagram)
Riky Rick (Instagram)

Johannesburg - Rapper Riky Rick has hit back at critics who labelled his latest photo shoot as 'gay.'

Riky posted pictures of the shoot with Destiny Man, where the rapper is dressed in traditional African gear.

For all the love the pics have been getting on social media, haters have chosen to criticise the shoot, calling Riky and his outfits, "gay."

But Riky has come out to defend his clothing choice, telling haters to open their minds.

"We need to open our minds people. To be called "gay" for wearing something that has been there since the beginning of black culture is a bad sign of where we are as a people," he wrote on Instagram this week.

"For some of those who don't know any better, you can still learn. But some of you have learnt and have no excuse to share such a high level of ignorance... OPEN YOUR MINDS BLACK PEOPLE. BEFORE ITS TOO LATE," he warned.