Sammy Sosa addresses Carol feud rumours

Sammy Sosa (Instagram)
Sammy Sosa (Instagram)

Johannesburg - Sammy Sosa has laughed off reports that she stole Carol Tshabalala's man, saying her and Carol's man haven't even been to "first base."

A few months ago, reports claimed that Sammy had been having an affair with Carol's man, Sbuda.

The reports claim the affair has started a feud between the two women, and that they can hardly stand to be in the same building, never mind room.

But speaking to YFM recently, Sammy cleared the air telling her fans that her and Carol are cool and that Sbuda is just an old friend.

"I don't know Carl personally. I've probably met her once. I've seen her on TV and I think she's a phenomenal presenter. I love the fact that she's working in a man's world," Sammy says of Carol.

"Sbuda and I used to live in the same complex. I've known him for the longest time," Sammy says. "I genuinely found a real friendship in him. We've never even got to first base, it's never even got to that point, but sometimes people just get the wrong impression."

Sammy says that she's always felt more comfortable in the company of men and many of her friends are guys, even though she's single.

So do we, Sammy, just lucky for us our relationship with our bestie isn't splashed on the front pages.