Sfiso's mother hits back at surname change plans

Sfiso Ncwane (Instagram)
Sfiso Ncwane (Instagram)

Johannesburg- It seems like there's no end in sight to the feud between Sfiso Ncwane and his mother. 

It all started after it was revealed that the gospel star had bought his pastor a car worth R1,9 million, for 'saving his life' after he suffered a heart attack. (Read that story here) 

While Sfiso was basking in the glory of doing a good deed, the gospel star's mom lashed out at his splurging, saying she has no food at his house. (Read that story here

The singer dismissed the claim, explaining that his mom's comments were misinterpreted.

Shortly after that, it seemed like Sfiso and his mom had made peace, and it was reported that he had filled her fridge with groceries worth R2000. 

But this was short lived after it was revealed that Sfiso opened up about how he is thinking of changing his surname. 

According to reports, Sfiso said he wants nothing to do with the Ncwanes, and that there is no proof that his mother actually gave birth to him. 

This, of course, didn't sit well with Fikile, who has lambasted him for the idea. 

Speaking to Daily Sun, an angry Fikile accused Sfiso of lying. 

The singer's mom also detailed how she worked from house to house as a domestic worker to take care of him. 

When she was asked about Sfiso's plans to dump her surname, Fikile said: "He can change it if he likes...but he will suffer for the rest of his life." 

Fikile added that his father ran away when Sfiso was born, and only returned when he became famous.