Shashi Naidoo plays waitress for charity

Johannesburg - Here's something you don't really see everyday.

Shashi Naidoo joined a few other famous faces last night, who donned their aprons at Primi Extreme Design Quarter to wait tables for the 'Cotlands Celebrity Serve For A Cause.' 

The Model and TV personality told The Juice that the evening went "unbelievably well".

"It was so incredible. people are so generous. One person paid R500 for a R100 bill," she added. 

She also revealed that all her tips and 10% of the day's sales went to Cotlands, a non-profit early childhood development organisation that Shashi has been working with for three years. 

"I'm their go-to ambassador. When I started, it was just a six months thing, but I've seen the work they've done in the community and how involved they are, which is what made me stay on," she said. 

And, in case you're wondering how much money they raised, she assured us that it is well within the thousands.

Great job, you lot!