Shashi Naidoo vs Pam Andrews!

It's no secret that Pam Andrews dances to her own tune, but that just didn't fly with model Shashi Naidoo.

Shashi, Pam and Maps Maponyane recently took part in heat's annual Iconic Moments photoshoot. And, what meant to be a carefully-planned shoot almost turned into a nasty confrontation between Pam and Shashi.

Everyone was scheduled to arrive at 9am and everyone was there except Pam!

The Rhythm City star arrived one and half hours late, which annoyed Shashi incredibly.  "Who does she think she is?," said an agitated Shashi.

By the time Pam arrived, Shashi was obviously fuming and couldn't hide her frustration. "You are late. Go and get dressed because I have to leave at 12pm," she yelled at Pam.

Obvs, Pam didn't take lightly to this, but responded to Shashi's remarks with deadly looks and did what she was told. After a while Shashi calmed down and tried to clear the air by making small talk but Pam responded with blank stares or short answers.


For the full story, check out the latest issue of heat. On shelves today!

*Picture: Instagram