Skwatta Kamp remember Flabba

Flabba (instagram)
Flabba (instagram)

Johannesburg – Flabba’s former band members have spoken about their last memories with the late hip hop star.

The rapper was killed on 9 March 2015, after being stabbed in the chest by his girlfriend, and murder-accused Sindi Manqele. 

A few of the band’s members took to the couch on Katch it with Khanyi recently to talk about their friend, and the last time they spoke to him. One of the saddest memories comes from the band’s Relo.

“The last time (I saw him) was Stripped Down. I kept complaining that ‘I haven’t met this girlfriend that you going on about. You’re going crazy over this girl’", Relo remembers.

“He told me ‘all you need to know is that I really love this girl. I’ve never loved someone like this,'" she adds. “I told him if he loves her, then she has her blessing."

The group say they have been following Flabba’s murder trial, but say that no matter what happens it can never bring their friend back.

“We weren’t in the room when the incident happened. We don’t know the facts. All we know is that Flabba is gone. Regardless of what happened, that’s not going to change,” the band's Shugasmakx says.

“What’s more important than the trial is what is happening at home, and how we can help his kids survive. Our trial is still awaiting, which is survival and looking after his family,” Bozza adds.