Somizi: Stop making fun of other blacks

Somizi (Instagram)
Somizi (Instagram)

Johannesburg- Mr SomGaGa took some time out to give 'educated blacks' a piece of his mind. 

In an open letter addressed to what Somizi calls 'educated blacks,' Somizi delved into issues of black people with academic accolades looking down on other black people. 

Somizi believes that having a "hard accent" doesn't make a person stupid. 

The flamboyant TV personality explained that he has no problem with black people having an education, and "polished English accents," but does have a problem when others are looked down upon for not having a refined accent. 

The open letter, which Somizi posted on social media gained alot of hype with many fans agreeing with him. 

Even Lerato Kganyago agreed and complimented Somizi on the open letter. 

"Like I always say, just because you speak with a model c accent, have a dictionary for breakfast and dinner, can throw a couple of big words in one sentence, it doesn't mean you making more sense than the other, you smarter or you superior," Lerato wrote on Instagram. 

Do you guys agree with Lerato and Somizi? 

Check out the open letter and their full posts...

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