Sonia Motaung's baby-daddy has died

Businesswoman Sonia Motaung, is struggling to come to terms, with the death of her child's father.

Sonia made the sad announcement on Twitter late last night. Sonia and Tiisetso, weren't together for many years, but she still cared deeply for him.

"I really am hurt, I still cant believe Tiisetso is dead, wooo how painful is his death though,itjo I'm shattered," she tweeted.

Sonia's baby-daddy apparently died after suffering from an epileptic fit but was only found two days later. "After his death I'm more certain I dont wanna stay alone, he had a fit on Monday and was only found yesterday so no help when he needed it. Imagine such a lonely death and no one to help u until 48hrs later,sad very sad," she added. 

She explained that even though they weren't together, she will remember him for all the beautiful memories they shared.

Aww...our thoughts are with you and your daughter Sonia!

*Picture: Twitter