Sonia Sedibe addresses THOSE broke rumours

Sonia Sedibe (Instagram)
Sonia Sedibe (Instagram)

Johannesburg - It seems there's hardly a week that goes by without some or other celeb being rumoured to have gone bust! A few weeks ago it was Sonia Sedibe.

Last month it was rumoured that the former Generations actress had hit a new low, and had moved in with her parents to make ends meet. When The Juice asked her about the allegations she laughed it off (more on that here).

But Sonia has finally come out to put the record straight on those rumours, telling Sowetan that she knows her truth.

"I know my truth. I know that when I go to my house it's a family home. My children are so happy to see me, they even scream. I don't need to prove a point," she says.

"I know my truth. I don't care what has been written about me. If you want to see my life, go to my Instagram account. There are so many pictures of me at home. I don't even need to say that it's my home. Why must I go out of my way and explain where I am?" she adds.

And after a turbulent last few years, which saw her leave our TV screens and involved in a public breakup with ex-husband Lesley Sedibe, she says she is "at peace" with herself and with life. 

"I'm grown and so matured and at peace. I just want to write beautiful words and marvel, create film and coin phrases," she says.