Sophie Ndaba reveals her struggles - a breadwinner at 16

Sophie Ndaba (Instagram)
Sophie Ndaba (Instagram)

Johannesburg - Sophie Ndaba may have been the "Queen"  of our TV screens, but long before that she had to deal with being the worker bee at home.

Talking to City Press recently, Sophie Ndaba revealed that she has had to deal with the burden of being her family's breadwinner since the age of 18.

"I had three jobs. I was an actress, a model and working in a casting agency because I wanted to provide for my family," she reveals.

At the time, her family was surviving on her mother's old age grant of R155 a month. She says she decided then to work until she could provide for her family, working those three jobs and at one stage even selling old clothes.

She remembers how many of her peers were spending their first paychecks on clubs, clothes and holidays while she used her first checks to buy a fridge and food for her mom.

Even before she bought herself a car, she bought her family furniture.

Now, many years later, Sophie says family, and her obligation to provide for them, remains the most important thing to her.

"As long as I'm alive, I will take care of my family," she says.

And the prize for best daughter goes to you, Sophie!

(Disclaimer: not Sophie, obvs!)