Terry Pheto on Generations: 'I needed to focus on my film'

Terry Pheto (Instagram)
Terry Pheto (Instagram)

Johannesburg - When Generations: The Legacy made it's debut on screen, there was lots of speculation on who was approached, who turned it down and who would stay.

One name that kept popping up was Terry Pheto.

At the time, Terry denied that she would be joining the show, sparking speculation that she had turned it down because of some kind of feud with the shows creator, Mfundi Vundla.

But in an interview with Move!, Terry has a different story. "It is important to be multi-talented. I decided to pass Generations and dedicate all my time to this project because it is my baby and I want it to succeed."

She is referring to her role as producer of the highly acclaimed Ayanda movie.

In other news, the actress confirmed that she is in a relationship, but refused to give any more info.