Thando Thabethe on love, life and a booming career

At just 24-years-old Thando Thabethe can definitely give herself a pat on the back.

Just a few weeks ago Thando was named as the first Nivea ambassador in South Africa, she's working her way up on national radio, has a new feature film in the pipeline and a new drama series hitting the small screen later this month.

Thando told The Juice that she's incredibly excited about being the face of Nivea as she grew up using the brand and that she's proud to be part of something ground-breaking in the country.

"Even as a teen I knew that this is where I wanted to be and just chased my dream," she said.

Thando explains that she loves both radio and television equally. "I love the fast pace of radio and love that I'm able to be myself. I also love dressing up and the thrill I get from acting of course," she added.

We all know that it's incredibly easy to get caught up in the world of showbiz and sometimes it ends up having a negative impact on many 'celebrities.'

Thando's managed to keep a squeaky clean slate so far and her secret is "not being self-absorbed."

She told us that she still finds it hard to think of herself as a "celebrity" in the first place. "I just do what I love and always remind myself that it's my job," she says.

The bubbly personality has her sights set on winning an Oscar one day, so remember you heard it here first. "I'm no where near done and have many dreams still to accomplish."


Sorry boys!

There's someone special in Thando's life and even though she wouldn't reveal his name, they're very much in lurrv.

"We've been dating for just over a year now and he's supportive, funny and smart," she said.

Thando has a rule about not dating guys from the same industry as her. "There's just too much drama and sometimes you just want to come home to someone who talks about something completely different," she explained.

She believes that the secret to a healthy relationship is to always remain friends no matter what.


"Be real, be yourself and be healthy in your own skin."

She explains that being confident for her boils down to being able to live out your purpose and to believe in yourself.

"My beauty secrets are incredibly simple: cleanse, tone and never sleep with make up on."