Thando Thabethe's heartbreak

Thando Thabethe (Instagram)
Thando Thabethe (Instagram)

Johannesburg - Thando Thabethe is heartbroken. The actress and radio personality has had to deal with not only losing her father, but also her brother.

Now in a heart-wrenching interview with True Love, Thando reveals the heartache she's felt having to live without two of the most important men in her life.

Thando lost her father at a young age. She remembers how her father used to abuse her mother and also the night he told her to go to bed for the last time.

"I come from a beautiful family. I grew up in a structure of love and my dad was amazing. He had an amazing personality and was my role model. But his major downfall was that he was an abuser. He got physical with my mom and that was my reality. So we had to grow up navigating the good and bad side of him. My siblings and I knew he loved us, he loved mom, but we couldn't understand how he could then constantly hurt her," she reflects.

"I was 13-years-old when he told me to go to sleep, and I did just that, only to find out he was dead when I woke. I'll never know the answers to many of my questions. My entire family was grief-stricken and it never really goes away," she adds.

It's a grief she has had to come to live with, especially after she lost her brother earlier this year (more on that here).

"He was shot during a robbery. I'm still trying to deal with the sadness of his passing. They say there are different stages of grief. I'm at a point where I'm still trying to understand," she adds.

But luckily Thando has found strong support in the arms of her mother, who has been a constant "pillar of strength" in her life.

She has also been able to rely on the support of her man. The couple have been dating for the past two years and met on a boat trip to Durban

"He made fun of my toes and that sparked a conversation. I love telling this story because, really, it sounds like a classic love story. We have a great relationship," she says of her man.

So for every cloud of despair in Thando's life, there's always a silver lining!