Thando Thabethe's sister commends her courage

Thando Thabethe (Instagram)
Thando Thabethe (Instagram)

Johannesburg- Thando Thabethe's sister admires her strength and courage. 

Thando's sister, Mimi, took to Instagram recently to pay tribute to her sister for the powerful #MakeItStop campaign, which she released last week. 

The radio personality's campaign was aimed at raising awareness about domestic violence against women.

And, Thando's sis commended her for helping to bring such a serious issue to light. 

My anchor...thank you for today ???????? Repost @mimi_thabethe with @repostapp.?···?You know my mom always used to say "What happens in the dark comes out in the light" No matter how perfect a family may want to appear to every1 watching, truth is, every family has its dirty laundry and no 1 is perfect... The courage to speak out and pursue a dream, a purpose that allows others to confront their reality, is more than what most people have the guts to do... Thando embarked on this campaign to raise awareness on how domestic violence could end the lives of people we value, love & need and ultimately scar those that are left behind... The response that this #MakeItStop campaign has recieved is overwhelming & all the work that was put into bringing it to life is celebrated by all the feedback whether positive/negative... Growing up one was never afforded the opportunity to speak their minds or express their views on the status quo' AND HONESTLY, i've found that the most liberating thing is admitting when you are at fault, learning from your mistakes and finding peace with all the wrong decisions you've ever made... This world is a cruel place and if you can't find it in your heart to forgive yourself you will forever carry burdens of mistakes you've made... I am passionate about this campaign because, it not only allows us to raise our voices to #MakeItStop but it allows us to reflect on decisions we've made in years fargone, admit to faults, forgive ourselves & all the others that may have hurt us 2... There's no greater PEACE than making PEACE' #MakeItStop

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