Thembi Seete comes under fire! But we think she looks amazing!

Thembi Seete has never been your "skinny is sexy" kind of girl! The actress and musician has always had delicious curves to make her male fans drool.

So why is she all of a sudden getting so much hate for showing off her bikini bod?


We all know Thembi has been hitting the gym hard lately, but that didn't stop a mini war from breaking out on social media recently over her beach pics!

"That's not a nice body looks like a man #transgender wearing a woman swimwear," one person commented on a pic of her walking along the beach. 

"Magogo .....She's too old 4 walkin around naked," someone else wrote. And "Dear Thembi Seete: You so out of fashion," wrote another.

While others fans came to Thembi's defence:

"She was at the beach. Was she supposed to wear a maxi dress or long skirt? I smell a lot of jealousy and it's nasty. #yuck," wrote one fan. Another fan agreed adding,"She's like wine, matures with age. Just gets hotter and hotter".

Hellz! Imagine what people would say about our December beach pics!