Thembi Seete's triumphant return to TV

Thembi Seete's looking great. (Instagram)
Thembi Seete's looking great. (Instagram)

Johannesburg - Thembi Seete has been hinting at a new secret project for a while now, and finally all has been revealed.

Speaking to City Press, Thembi revealed that she'll be joining the cast of Rhythm City.

But forget the sweet lady we've all come to know and love. Thembi is going to be playing a drug addict who was once famous, but has lost it all. It's a character Thembi says she can relate to.

"I knew this from an early age when I was still with Kwaito group, Boom Shaka. I saw some of the artists who had all of this and lost everything."

She says the role has been a challenging one.

"What makes it more challenging is remembering those artists who lost everything they worked for in their careers. I've witnessed people becoming big in the industry and the next moment they have nothing."

Thembi is set to make her debut on 30 July.