Trevor & Riky Rick on overcoming drug addiction

Trevor Gumbi and Riky Rick (Instagram)
Trevor Gumbi and Riky Rick (Instagram)

Johannesburg- In a bid to make a difference to the lives of people suffering from drug addiction, Trevor Gumbi and rapper Riky Rick have opened up about their struggles. 

Speaking on Vuzu's 'I Am' reality show, both Riky and Trevor shared their personal experiences of overcoming drug addiction. 

This is the first time that Riky has spoken out on a public platform platform about his drug problem. 

He hopes that by sharing his journey, he will encourage other people who are still ashamed of having gone through this path to speak out. 

"It's so hard for people to get on these platforms and speak about these things. The main thing about us is that we can't have fear of not being perfect, and for the longest time I had this thing that people had to know me for being perfect or being that person who doesn't have issues," he explained. 

Trevor, who started using cocaine in 2000, explained that being clean is awesome! 

"I can finally enjoy my family, my kids, my mind is clearer and being clean is a much better life," he said. 

Trevor's message to people struggling with drug addiction is that "it's never too late to speak out and get help." 

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