Trevor Noah: 'My gran would be proud of me no matter what I did'

Trevor Noah (Instagram)
Trevor Noah (Instagram)

Johannesburg - Comedian Trevor Noah may be jet-setting across the globe making audiences laugh, but one thing he'll never forget is home and the things he's been taught.

The comedian is in Mzansi for a local tour and sat down with Radio 702's Redi Tlhabi about his home life.

Speaking of how his family has had to adjust with his rise to fame, especially with him being announced as the new host of The Daily Show, Trevor says that he cannot properly tell his family members what to say or even tell them not to talk to reporters about it.

And no matter what he does, Trevor says his gran love stays consistent.

"She's proud of me, obviously, but right now people could have told her 'Trevor is the head of the SRC' and she would have been as happy. To her it's the exact same thing," he told Redi.

"My gran was my fan before I did anything. So, she is still my fan," he adds.

And it's not only his gran who refuses to see Trevor any differently. Trevor reveals that he still gets random phone calls from his mom asking him things like he's still living at home.

"My grandmother doesn't take that nonsense and my mom doesn't play those games. My mom will literally phone me and ask me a thing like I'm still at home. She'll be like 'hey! Do you know where I put what-what photo album' and then I'm like 'Mom I'm in New York.' She'll be like 'you didn't answer my question' and I'll be like 'I don't know where you put the photo album. Last time I checked it it was on the coffee table somewhere.' And she'll say, "Thank you. Bye Bye. Have a great day,'" he jokes.