Trevor Noah: I had no idea I was up for the job

Trevor Noah. (Photo: Peter Yang)
Trevor Noah. (Photo: Peter Yang)

Johannesburg - Trevor Noah says he had no idea he would be selected as the new host of The Daily Show and sat in stunned silence when he was told the news. 

Trevor is preparing to take over as host of the The Daily Show from September, but took a few minutes out of his hectic touring schedule to talk to 702's Redi Tlhabi's about his crazy Daily Show experience so far.

"Every job I do is a big job for me. It's just now this is another step in that world of big jobs for me. I understand the prestige and the position of the show so I appreciate it and I don't take it for granted," he says  

He says he had no idea, when he started at The Daily Show a few months ago, that he would one day be the successor to Jon Stewart. 

"I had tour dates ready. I was still doing shows... I was touring and now I've obviously had to scale down to get ready to take over the show. But no. I had no idea whatsoever," he says.

He told Redi he got the news that he would be the host of the Daily Show over the phone on his way to an event in Dubai.

"I kept quiet. Then I told two of my friends who were with me," he says. "When I got out the car I had to sit, just for a moment, to take it all in. To breath. Luckily we were already going out... so we went out and said 'now we get to go out and celebrate.'"

Still, he says he's nervous for his first show as host, as he is ahead of most gigs.

To hear more of what Trevor had to say about the Daily Show and E-tolls, watch his interview below: