Tumi Molekane tells iFani to sit down!

Tumi Molekane (Facebook)
Tumi Molekane (Facebook)

Johannesburg- Hip-hop veteran Tumi Molekane has no time for beef or shade. 

Unlike, the young hip-hop stars of today, Tumi tackles things head-on.

Tumi and Amu were recently invited onto a V-Entertainment segment to talk about the current state of hip-hop in the country. 

Tumi and Amu didn't mince their words when they lashed out at Cassper and iFani. 

They labelled Cassper's album Tsholofelo as weak, and dug into iFani for paying more attention to going gold in one day than whether people where actually listening to his album. 

Shortly after the comments were made, the matter quickly became a talking point on social media. 

Obviously iFani's and Cassper's fans weren't going to let the attacks slide and jumped to their defence. 

Cassper decided to stay silent on the matter, while iFani took to Twitter to air his opinions. "People who blew up during apartheid still think rapping like an American is the best way forward. Wake up & smell your country. We r unique," iFani tweeted. 

Tumi was quick to hit back at iFani saying he has no time for "fake beef." 

"I don't do this 'fake beef' thing you all want to happen. If you got a problem 'call me', if its hip hop then bring it. I will end that," Tumi tweeted back. 

Eish- we're sitting down right this minute!