Tumi Morake on her weight loss: I’m doing this on my terms

Tumi Morake (Instagram)
Tumi Morake (Instagram)

Johannesburg - Comedian Tumi Morake is the talk of the town!

The comedy heavyweight has shed the kilo's and is looking amazing! And she says it's all because a serious health scare forced her to work on herself and her lifestyle.

In an interview with Destiny, Tumi reveals that she collapsed and almost suffered a heart attack before turning her weight issues around.

"I was one of those people who started banting before consulting my doctor and my cholesterol shot up to 6,1.  I collapsed at work and found out I was literally on the verge of a heart attack,” Tumi reveals.

She says it was the wake up call she needed to change her life, and even though the progress hasn't been quick, it has been constant.

“A couple of people have come up to me and said: "‘Oh my gosh, how did you lose weight so quickly?’ I didn’t lose weight quickly! I actually started working out around July last year and only started seeing results this year," she says.

And even though she's winning her war against the scale, she says she's not focusing on how much she loses. 

"This morning I was like ‘OMG I should step on a scale’. I haven’t focused on how much I weigh in numbers. I’ve noticed when clothes stop fitting, and that I’ve gotten stronger," Tumi says.