Tumisho Masha on Saints and Sinners: 'Expect lots of drama'

Tumisho and Zozibini Masha (Instagram)
Tumisho and Zozibini Masha (Instagram)

Johannesburg- Great news guys!

Filming for the new season of Saints and Sinners is already underway. 

Tumisho Masha told The Juice that fans can expect lots of drama from his character in the upcoming season.

"In the new season viewers can expect a lot of excitement. My character goes a little crazy, and is actually on the brink of suffering from a nervous breakdown, but he doesn't know how to deal with his feelings," Tumisho explained. 

The actor and soon-to-be-daddy added that they have already started shooting for the upcoming season and he's very excited about it. 

Tumisho, who has been in the industry for more than a decade, has been through his fair share of hurdles. 

But the actor takes it all in his stride. 

"Criticism and rumours is the cost of what I do. I have long since accepted that it's part of what I do and I have to take it in my stride," he explained. 

Not so long ago Tumisho found himself making headlines for all the wrong reasons, when it was reported that he had been kicked out of his marital home after his wife allegedly caught him cheating. (Read that story here)

It's a topic that Tumisho laughs off. 

The actor added that his wife is so 'cool' when it comes to dealing with him being in the public eye. "She completely understands that it's part of what I do," he added.