Pam Andrews makes a steamy return to music

Pam Andrews (Instagram/Youtube)
Pam Andrews (Instagram/Youtube)

Johannesburg - When Pam Andrews left Rhythm City last year, she said it was to go back to her roots: music.

And, after all of those saucy snaps that she kept posting on her Instagram page, we were convinced that her music video would bring the heat. We were right!

Pam dropped the video for her first single, Yeah!, today. 

*Hang on, we're just taking a sec to control our heartbeat here*

Okay, we're back.

Pam's video is filled with images of her half-naked, naked, semi-dressed, wet, dancing, kissing, touching herself... you get the point? Which we're sure is exactly what she wanted.

But what's the verdict on the song? Uhm, well, it's a catchy beat. We'll give her that. And although we would've liked to hear more vocals, we reckon it's a good start.

What are you waiting for? Click on the video below!