What Jimmy Nevis is getting up to in the US of A

Jimmy Nevis, Lira, Jonathan Butler (Instagram)
Jimmy Nevis, Lira, Jonathan Butler (Instagram)

Johannesburg - It's been over a week since Jimmy Nevis left our (then) sunny shores of Mzansi for the US. And although we miss him, the boy has been working hard.

Jimmy, who celebrated his birthday while over in the states, has been busy in studio working with international artists RKCB and local legend-turned-global-icon Jonathan Butler. 

He also filmed shots for an upcoming music video for his single, Horizon.

He caught up with another local superstar, Lira.

And even took some time out to grab some donuts and hustle free slushies.

The Mission: Get free Slushies The Result: Mission Accomplished ?

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Next time you gotta invite us to tag along, Jimmy. We have our bags packed and everything...