Z'Bondiwe actor on living with a disability

Thabiso Molopo (Facebook)
Thabiso Molopo (Facebook)

Johannesburg - Being disabled can be a disheartening experience for anyone. But Thabiso Molope has decided to not let it define him and his dream of being a top actor in Mzansi.

Thabiso, who plays the role of Benny in e.tv's new action drama series Z'bondiwe, lost his legs in an accident when he was 8-years-old.

But, as he told Move magazine recently, he refuses to let it get him down, despite the dark days which have often loomed.

"My mother insisted I would not go to a school for the disabled because she never wanted me to feel sorry for myself," he says.

Still, there were difficult moments.

"I would fall sometimes. It was embarrassing and I often hid myself in the bathroom and cried," he recounts

Now Thabiso is better. He has graduated with a diploma in journalism, co-owns an engineering company and is living out his dream of acting.   

"Now that I'm not angry anymore, I understand that all that happened was a blessing in disguise. Losing my legs gave me a chance to look at my life differently and find opportunities to get a better life for me and my family," he says.