Zahara: I felt judged but came out stronger

Zahara (Instagram)
Zahara (Instagram)

Johannesburg - Zahara's latest album, Country Girl, is selling faster than ice-lollies in this heat wave. The musician says it went gold in less than 20 hours and soon progressed to platinum status.

She says the secret behind her success is not writing hits, but telling a story.

"I was quite the punch line this past year. I cam out stronger because I was born for this. I write each and every day - not to make an album, but about what inspires me."

And she's right: it has been a rocky road for the songbird, with reports of being broke, a drunk and more recently pregnant and engaged, Zahara says it came to the point where she avoided the press at all costs.

"My brother passed on and there was a lot happening in my life. I didn't even want to go to the garage so I didn't see magazines and newspapers," she said.

She was speaking to radio presenter Oneal on, where she denied a lot of the rumours around her. 

"I know where I am going. I was shocked when I saw the reports that I'm engaged and pregnant. Pregnant by whom? I'm still single," she said. "They judged me for being broke. They said I couldn't afford a car or a house... how can you be broke when you are an ambassador for Nedbank? I felt like I was judged," she added.

And even though she may not be romantically involved with anyone now, Zahara says that's not to say she doesn't want it. "When I settle down, it will be along the way. I want to get married. I'm a woman. Miriam Makeba passed on the stage - that's what I'm planning to do. But I won't stop being in the office because of a husband and children."

Her message to fans: "love, love, love."