Zizo Beda shares some words of wisdom

Zizo Beda has made her debut on national radio. The former Miss Teen SA, who's also a presenter on Selimathunzi started her journey on Umhlobo Wenene FM on 1 October.

While thanking her fans for the warm messages, she also shared some wisdom with those who see her as an inspiration.

She posted a picture with her co-hosts and it was captioned: "Thank you ALL for the incredible support you showed me on my first day at my new job! The cherry on top of the cake was the sweetest messages and love from my Daddy and Mommy. To everybody who looks for even the smallest amount of inspiration from what I do I want to tell you this: Life is not an easy journey but it can be an amazing one!"

She said one must always be willing to put in the hard work and never give up. She added: "Do not EVER let anybody put you down for being yourself. Be proud of your background let it give you strength. Remember to stay in YOUR lane because there, there is no traffic darlings. God has already cleared the way for you. LOTS of love! ZB."

*Picture: Instagram