AKA sparks a social media debate among fans

AKA (Instagram)
AKA (Instagram)

Johannesburg- AKA's return home from Lagos on Tuesday night quickly caused a stir on social media. 

The rapper posted a snap of his passport on Instagram, with a caption about how he is happy to be back home, despite the challenges he faces here. 

"Things might not be as welcoming, perfect or as pleasant as it used to be for me but it's the place that made me who I am and I'm proud to call myself...South African...That will never change...Home safe,"AKA said.

Within minutes after the post was shared, the comments section was filled with mixed reactions, with some jumping at the opportunity to lash out the rapper with hateful comments. 

Some users tore into him about his "attitude," told him it was "karma," while others thrashed his "behaviour," and "the way he treats others." 

But it was not all negative, as AKA's loyal fans came to his defence. 

The man himself noticed the hateful comments, and pointed out that mostly Nigerian fans were defending him against his "own people." 

The rapper shared his thoughts on Twitter and invited followers to a debate.

Hundreds of tweeps weighed in on the situation, some telling AKA not to let the hate deter him, while others saw it as another chance to spread hate. 

But guys where's the chill?! Let the dude at least recover from the jet lag. 

Here's some of the comments: