CiCi to Arthur: The world has alot to learn from you

CiCi and Arthur (Instagram)
CiCi and Arthur (Instagram)

Johannesburg- Songbird CiCi has taken the music world by storm. Despite only bursting onto the scene late last year, CiCi walked away with her hands full at this year's Metro FM Awards. 

CiCi clinched awards for Best RnB Album and Best Styled Artist. 

This is evidence that CiCi is well on her way to becoming Mzansi's queen of RnB. 

Renowned music boss Arthur Mafokate, who took CiCi under his wing, has also played a vital role in launching her career. 

And, Arthur's protégé only has great things to say about her mentor. 

"The world has so much to learn from you. You are not boastful about your knowledge and wisdom. I've never met someone who defends the honour of the arts as much as you do," says CiCi. #Inspiring