More surgery for Darren Scott

Darren Scott. (Gallo Images)
Darren Scott. (Gallo Images)

Johannesburg - Just a few weeks after being released from hospital, radio personality Darren Scott has confirmed that he will undergo yet another procedure. 

Darren, who spent a few weeks in hospital in October, underwent a 5 hour procedure to remove melanoma from his upper left lobe in his lung.

A routine check-up with doctors has now revealed that while his left lung is "pristine" there is some concern over his right lung.

Updating his fans via his Facebook page, Darren remained light-hearted about the news.

"Went for CT scan yesterday ... For 2 reasons: check on left lung that was operated on a few weeks ago, and check right lung for small node that was slightly enlarged. The good news, the left lung looks "pristine" after op according to doc! (He may have said "Christine" but I'll take "pristine" never had ANY part of my bod EVER called pristine!??). On the flipside, pesky node is still there on right lung, so will have to come out next week. So another journey, albeit a shorter one, through buckled ribs, pain when I laugh, smiling nurses & hospital food, for about a week! Send wine. (sic)"

Darren and his wife, Sarah-Kate also announced that they would be splitting. The surprise revelation came while Darren was in hospital recovering from his operation to remove the cancerous cells from his lung.

They have however, presented a united front by still posting happy family pictures together on their social media pages.