DJ Euphonik’s sexist Twitter rant is no laughing matter

DJ Euphonik (Gallo Images)
DJ Euphonik (Gallo Images)

Cape Town – DJ Euphonik on Sunday took to a very public platform to humiliate and shame Bonang Matheba in an effort to polish his own image.

The local muso, who is usually quick to blame the media for meddling in his personal affairs, had no problem airing his dirty laundry on social media over the weekend.

In just 7 tweets the DJ, real name Themba Nkosi, managed to not only call Bonang mentally unstable but also slut shamed her while praising himself for the wealth he owns. He also took credit for Bonang's "Queen B" name.

Euphonik and Bonang used to date but the relationship came to an end when the TV personality claimed the muso physically abused her. The matter was taken to court but Bonang later withdrew the charges against Euphonik.

Bonang is now dating hip hop star, AKA.

On Sunday Euphonik felt the need to clear the air about his relationship with Bonang and his feelings towards her current relationship status.

Although Euphonik has made it clear in numerous social media posts that he would never abuse a woman it seems like he has no problem publicly humiliating one.

Euphonik’s rant:

DJ Euphonik starts the 7 tweets with: “Ok let's settle it. FML I hate explaining myself but here goes...”

In his second tweet he claims AKA didn’t take “anything” from him: “I don't have any issues or any beef with AKA he didn't take anything from me nor does he have anything or anyone I want.”

His third tweet reads: “I'm going to be a billionaire, a property BILLIONAIRE, and that requires having stability and a partner that's mentally stable...alas...”

The fourth tweet reads: “You can ALL carry on believing that She broke up with me. Reality is if I wanted Hlanyo back. The week wouldn't end.”

He then adds: “Slikours ex to media queen to now the girl that's fucking Aka. So as much as she can try forget umThizozo I played a BIG role in her life.”

The final two tweets read: “If you know what my surname is you'll understand why and how Queen anything came along.

“Last but not least. Msunu yenu, NONKE.”

No reply:

Bonang seems to be taking the high road and by Monday had not responded to DJ Euphonik’s sexist Twitter rant.

AKA, who on Friday night had Twitter beef with Pearl Thusi, has also not responded to Euphonik’s tweets.

By Monday morning all 7 tweets were still on Euphonik’s Twitter account.