Exclusive: DJ Tira speaks out on Big Nuz stabbing

DJ Tira (Instagram)
DJ Tira (Instagram)

Johannesburg – DJ Tira has broken his silence on reports that one of his artists, Big Nuz member Danger, was allegedly stabbed in a club over the weekend. 

Reports this week claimed that Danger has been hospitalised after an altercation in a Durban club. However, there were conflicting reports on who was to blame for the stabbing.

Afrotainment boss, DJ Tira has remained silent on the issue, but speaking to The Juice this week Tira explained what happened.

“Danger went to party at a club, Absolute on Florida road, on Sunday. I don't know what he said to one of the guys at the club, but after he turned around and was talking to someone else, he was smacked with a bottle," DJ Tira says.

According to Tira, as the bottle was smashed against Danger's head, it broke and glass got lodged on his skull, causing him to be hospitalised.

Tira believes the man who hit Danger was promoter and socialite Lindo Buthelezi, who goes by the name of Dogg. Other media reports also claimed that eyewitnesses reported Dogg as the man involved in the altercation, however he denied the claims to Sunday Sun.

The Big Nuz member was rushed to hospital after the incident and was sedated. But Tira says that he is recovering well and is expected to be discharged later this week.

"He's still in a Durban hospital. He's out of sedation. He's recovering, but we haven't heard when he will be discharged, maybe by the end of the week," Tira says.

Tira adds that the label will meet on Tuesday to discuss the incident and decide on a way forward. It will be in this meeting that the label will decide whether to press charges against Lindo or not.