Female comedy heavyweights prepare for a major comeback

The Bitches are back (Supplied)
The Bitches are back (Supplied)

Johannesburg - The Bitches are back. No, really! After a successful run of Bitches in 2013 (That's the actual name of the comedy show) the, er, bitches are returning for a sequel in Bitches Be Back. And we can hardly contain our excitement.

By now you've gathered that the comedy genius of an all-female cast are joining together for a spectacular return of laughs, awkward giggles and reaching for tissues to wipe away those tears.

With big names like Anele Mdoda, Tumi Morake, Celeste Ntuli and a performance by DreamGirl, Tracey-Lee Oliver, the show is jam packed with jokes and singing. 

So, are men welcome, or, er, is it only for bitches?

“We don’t hate them, and we just agree that this time they should sit down and listen. Let us tell them what the person next to them is thinking, because they seem to be struggling to understand that. Bring your partner, guys, let us make you look good, while we look even better," says Tumi.

And before you go and get offended by the whole bitches thing, executive producer Taffia Keight says hang on a second. “Sensitive people say that the term is derogatory – we feel that being a strong woman is not always a popular position but to make yourself heard in the world, sometimes you have to embrace the inner tiger rather than tame it.”

To get you even more excited, check out this video of the bitches in a car...