Gareth Cliff is loving the single life

Gareth Cliff (The Juice)
Gareth Cliff (The Juice)

Johannesburg - Gareth Cliff has never been one to boast about his personal life. But The Juice managed to squeeze some information out of the CliffCentral boss on the status of his romantic life.

Gareth was victorious in the Channel24 Awards in association with The Juice. As voted by you, the fans, Gareth walked away as the Best Celebrity on Twitter. And with over one million followers on the social media platform, it's easy to see why he took home the prize. Halala!

When questioned about his relationship status, Gareth said he's been single for two years. "I'm really happy. There have been some in and out interest - brief infatuations  - but I'm not settling down any time soon."

The Idols judge, who has been very outspoken about not wanting children, did say that he isn't completely opposed to the idea of kids. "I reserve the right to change my mind. I have a nephew who I love. I could adopt, yes. But right now I don't want the responsibility. Children are expensive and as a parent you have to put everything else second. Before that, I'd want to get my business up and running, sort out the stuff about me in my head, and do all the crazy stuff you want to do." Swoon!

Listen, we know a few girls who are more than hopeful after these statements. Baby daddy, Gareth? Why, yes please!

P.S The rest of the winners in the #C24Awards are being announced on Monday, 30 November, 8am!