HHP: I can't relate to Cassper's lifestyle anymore

HHP and Cassper (Instagram)
HHP and Cassper (Instagram)

Johannesburg- First things first - there is no beef between HHP and Cassper!

Now that we've taken care of that, a recent social media post by HHP which seemed to take aim at Cass has caused a lot of debate among fans. 

Some people thought the post was sarcastic, while other believed that HHP was calling Cassper out. 

However, HHP has made it crystal clear that there is no feud between them, and that he'll always love Cass. 

Everyone knows that HHP is a mentor to Cass, so it seems like the post was just his way giving Mr Shebeleza constructive criticism about firing shots at 'OGs' which refers to hip-hop veterans. 

HHP also explained that he just can't relate to Cassper's lifestyle anymore. Which, well, is totally normal too. 

The post that started it all...

HHP's response to fans...