iFani shades AKA: 'The UK can't beat this feeling'

iFani (Instagram)
iFani (Instagram)

Johannesburg - It seems like no matter how hard we try, there's just no escaping the smell of the beef between iFani and AKA.

While iFani is still silent about AKA going gold, the rapper has thrown some shade at AKA over comments made last week.

Remember how AKA taunted iFani about touring East London while he, AKA, was in East London, UK? Well, it seems iFani is not taking it lying down!

Besides responding in an interview on CliffCentral, where he said AKA should be have bigger things to worry about than iFani and his fans, iFani took to Twitter this week to throw some shade back at AKA over those comments.

While performing in Gugulethu this week, iFani told his friends and fans he would rather be in eKasi than in land of the Queen.