Is Speedy flexing with this Jordan-inspired wardrobe?

Speedy (Instagram)
Speedy (Instagram)

Johannesburg - We're always seeing Speedy shooting off to America and back - and now we may have just found out why: he's been buying sneakers!

The Bongo Maffin musician took to Instagram this week to do some serious flexing, posting a snap of an insane sneaker wardrobe we can only imagine is his own.

The wardrobe is a real shrine to Jordans with pairs of the legendary sneakers piled up to the roof!

Good morning ????

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We knew that Speedy always had chains, wheels and the freshest kicks but if the wardrobe is really his, he's just taken the local sneaker game to a whole new level!

Yo! Speedy, if you ever want to share a pair, brother...