Khabonina on Nina: She lets me be a baddie!

Khabonina (Instagram)
Khabonina (Instagram)

Johannesburg- Actress and fitness guru Khabonina's role on Isidingo is a dream come true for her. 

Khabonina joined the hit soapie in August last year when her character Nina was introduced to viewers.  

Nina, who is the daughter of gangster Georgie Zamdela, is someone who everyone loves to hate. 

She's a feisty 'shebeen queen', who has a no nonsense approach to everything she does. 

"I've had this crush on Isidingo for years, and about ten years ago I played an extra on the show for one day. Shortly after I learnt that once you get stuck into playing an extra, you're an extra for life. I vowed that I will never play an extra, but will come back to the show one day when I've got a role that makes sense to the story," she explained. 

Khabonina added that when she got a call about a role that writers felt would suit her, she didn't think twice about grabbing the opportunity.

"When I got the call that was God's doing because I've always been in love with Isidingo, and to work with the likes of Robert Whitehead and Jack Devnarain is a huge honour," she explained. 

Those of you who have gotten to know Nina over the past few months will be relieved to know that Khabonina is nothing like the vixen she plays. 

"Khabonina is such a good girl compared to Nina that it makes playing her exciting and fun. Nina allows me to be the baddie that I am not in real life. I'm not promiscuous, don't serial date, don't drink or smoke, so it's easier to go bad when you're good. She lets me explore the things I wouldn't do in reality," she explained. 

Despite playing a character who has become super popular for being hated, Khabonina says she wouldn't have it any other way. 

"It means the world to me that people are responding to her, and responding isn't necessarily love. Whether it's envy, hate or love the most important thing is that they are feeling."