Khanyi hits back at haters offering them help

Khanyi over the years (Instagram)
Khanyi over the years (Instagram)

Johannesburg - Khanyi Mbau has always faced criticism for her love of surgery. Her changing face, lighter complexion and love of the odd liposuction procedure has garnered her an extreme amount of backlash.

And as months go by and Khanyi's look evolves even more, it's certainly not something she's shy about. Previously speaking to the now closed heat magazine, Khanyi admitted that she had a surgery addiction. "There's nothing wrong with wanting to make yourself better. I love it. I love improving myself," she said at the time.

That was a few years ago and even then Khanyi said that she had had two breast augmentations, had her teeth filed, gaps closed, gums pushed back, non-invasive rhinoplasty and non-invasive liposuction.

In fact, she even invited journalists to watch her have the non-invasive liposuction. It's exactly the same attitude that Khanyi has now. She's certainly not shy about what she's had done and last night, in a show of defiance, she posted epic throwback pictures of herself and had this message for those who hate.

"Most ladies acting all unimpressed on my gram looking at changes but deep down inside know how badly they want to know, how, where, what.. How much. It's ok hunnies.. Secretly DM me, and you can relax I am a girls girl.. I will answer your every enquiry.. Then y'all can head back on onto my page and hate later but at least you will be looking better. Sharing is caring.. ?????????? the beauty is we all have a choice, oh' and the size of your wallet that is.. ?????? ?? Long term relationship with myself"

Take a look at her transformation:

When you have had a life long relationship with your self. #METANOIA #?? ??????????

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