K.O reflects on being the MTV Hottest MC

K.O (Instagram)
K.O (Instagram)

Johannesburg - K.O sparked a wave of controversy on social media last year when he was crowned SA's Hottest MC by MTV.

Ahead of the announcement of this year's list, K.O has once again spoken out about topping the list, and the beef and drama that followed (read more on that here).

Talking to Factory 78, K.O says: "The way that I saw it, I never chose to go to town with it and be like 'I'm the number one, the hottest MC out here', I never did that because I felt that, like the awards, the fact that you come in at number 10 or that you came in under number 10 doesn't mean you're a terrible artist or that I'm more talented than you. It was just based on impact."

"When you put all the numbers together and all the things that happened last year, it validated me being up there. It did kind of give me an edge over other guys," he explained.

Adding, "It will be the same this year, the other guys had an edge over some of us and we need to congratulate and support them to show we are building as a hip-hop community in South Africa and Africa."

After K.O was revealed as the 2014's Hottest MC, fellow rapper Cassper Nyovest claimed that he should have topped the list. He released a song and later had to apologise for his comments about K.O (More on that here).

"With the awards, I never really won much but I never felt the need to go at the guys, Cassper and the other homies, because they were winning.  I never felt that I needed to throw shots or say something funny or slick about them because of their success. I felt like, for me, it was a bit childish, but we've put it behind us," K.O says about Cassper's reaction to the list last year.

So who will be this year's number one?

Catch SA's Hottest Mc's 2015 on MTV tonight and tomorrow at 16:30 on DStv channel 322 to see who makes the list.