Nomuzi on female rappers

Nomuzi Mabena (Instagram)
Nomuzi Mabena (Instagram)

Johannesburg – Perhaps like no other year before it, 2015 was the year the female rapper.

An obvious highlight was AKA choosing an all-female MC line-up for his Baddest remix, but the conversation had been ignited several days earlier when the annual hip-hop awards was criticised for not recognising female talent (More on that here).

The Juice sat down with the year’s breakthrough female rapper, Nomuzi Mabena (AKA NoMoozlie) to get her thoughts on the female rap game.

“It’s only a matter of time before we see a woman on these hottest MC lists,” Nomuzi tells us.

“Woman really have a strong voice in hip-hop that I don’t think gets a lot of recognition,” But despite the lack of recognition, Nomuzi believes that 2015 was actually a good year for female rappers, and that its a stepping stone to bigger things.

“This year in particular we’ve been able to break through and after all that’s happened, it just goes to show that hate it or love it, we here to stay,” Nomuzi says.

So, watch out, boys! Nomuzi is coming for your number one spot!