Nonhle Ndala's lessons from her daughter

Nonhle Ndala (Instagram)
Nonhle Ndala (Instagram)

Johannesburg- Nonhle Ndala is in awe of her teenage daughter, who she says is wise beyond her years. 

The TV star shared an intimate conversation she recently had with her daughter about life and the importance of putting your own happiness first. 

Nonhle walked away from the conversation having learnt some important lessons from her child. 

"As a mom, I'm inspired by your mental strength and emotional intelligence. I am so proud of you. #BlessedMom...It is rather unorthodox but she is my role model. She understands life," Nonhle said about their talk. 

Nonhle added that she treasures their relationship, which grows stronger with time. #Proudmom #Inspiring

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