Ntombi Mzolo goes home without her baby

Ntombi Mzolo (Instagram)
Ntombi Mzolo (Instagram)

Johannesburg- Shikisha presenter Ntombi Mzolo has been discharged from hospital, after welcoming her miracle baby into the world on Monday. 

Despite being heartbroken about not being able to take her son home, Ntombi remains positive about his condition. 

Ntombi's son was born with a rare heart condition called Hypoplastic left heart syndrome. This means that the left side of the heart has not developed fully, and as a result cannot pump blood to the rest of the body effectively.

Doctors advised Ntombi to terminate the pregnancy as babies born with the condition have a very low survival rate. But this was not even an option for Ntombi, who has chosen to leave her son's life in God's hands. (Read more on that here)

Speaking to The Juice a few days after the birth of her son, Ntombi explained that doctors have been keeping her baby under observation in an incubator in ICU, and will decide when he is to undergo heart surgery.  (Read that story here)

On Thursday Ntombi was discharged from hospital and it was an extremely difficult day for her.

She took to social media revealing that nothing could have prepared her for the way she felt.