OH SNAP! Celebs respond to Kanye x Wiz x Amber twar

Khanya Mkangisa (Instagram)
Khanya Mkangisa (Instagram)

Johannesburg - It's all everyone is talking about at the moment. "Did you see Amber Rose's smackdown on Kanye West?"

The world's eyes were glued to Twitter on Wednesday evening when Kanye West took on fellow rapper, Wiz Khalifa.

It all started when Wiz pointed out that Kanye's new name for his album, Waves, already belonged to someone else. Awks.

Kanye didn't take kindly to that, and in a lengthy rant spelt out several stinging points aimed at poor Wiz. 

In the rant, Kanye addressed everything from Wiz stealing Kid Cudi's style to him being trapped by a "stripper", referring to Kanye and Wiz's ex-Amber Rose.

Somewhere in the world, Amber's ears must have perked up, because it wasn't too long before she got involved in the Twar, pretty much ending it in two tweets.

The force of the smackdown was felt all the way in Mzansi, where some of our favourite celebs couldn't help but share their reaction.