Reports: Dineo Ranaka faces police charges

Dineo Ranaka (Supplied)
Dineo Ranaka (Supplied)

Johannesburg- Last week it was reported that TV and radio personality Dineo Ranaka was allegedly accused of beating a woman in an upmarket restaurant in Johannesburg. 

Apparently sources who witnessed the altercation told Sunday Sun that Dineo, who was celebrating her birthday at the restaurant, allegedly hit a 22-year-old woman named Tehila Nothnagel with a champagne bottle.

This week the paper is reporting that the matter is being investigated by police.

Apparently Douglasdale station commander Brigadier Lettie Hugo confirmed that the station are also investigating threats Dineo apparently made on Tehila on social media. 

The paper has also published a series of social media posts allegedly from Dineo to Tehila.

"It was an ice bucket you idiot! And I would do it again! Talking smack about my kids, my children when you're drunk as F! I would beat you the F up again! I'm not your age mate neither am I your friend! I would ice bucket you again any day for talking smack about my kids. You're a pathetic attention-seeking drunken idiot! Handle your liquor or I'll handle you!." 

"As I said: Go ahead and tell the world that Dineo Ranaka autographed your stupid ass face with an ice bucket for talking smack about my kids. I'll go to jail for my kids. Think I'm afraid of the press? I fear nothing, no one! I would ice bucket you again any day! You will learn to respect your adults and people's kids."