Reports: More drama for Kay Sibiya and Zookey Zarling

Kay Sibiya and Zookey Zarling (Facebook/Twitter)
Kay Sibiya and Zookey Zarling (Facebook/Twitter)

Johannesburg- It seems like there's no end in sight to the 'baby daddy' drama between actor Kay Sibiya and radio personality, Zookey Zarling. 

A few weeks ago, Zookey accused Kay of making her pregnant and running away from his responsibility. Zookey also took to social media where she wrote a letter about abortion from an unborn fetus, claiming that Kay asked her to have an abortion. 

Last week Kay hit back at the claims, explaining that Zookey needs to back up the claim with a DNA test. (Read that story here

Now Kay's family have come out guns blazing against Zookey. 

Speaking to Sunday Sun Kay's dad, Gabriel Mahlangu explained that they were tired of Zookey's "harassment." 

"We're tired of her insults! I was shocked when I received text messages from her. I don't even know where she got my number. She had better be sure the child is Kay's because, if it's not, I'll sue her," said Gabriel. 

He added that they were more than willing to accept responsibility of the child if Zookey takes the DNA test.