Reports: Shumaya hitmaker in car accident

Kabelo "Kaybee" Pekile (Facebook)
Kabelo "Kaybee" Pekile (Facebook)

Johannesburg - Dbn Nyts member, Kabelo "Kaybee" Pekile is recovering after being involved in an accident that left his car a complete write-off.

According to Sowetan, Kaybee was travelling home from a gig in Soweto last week, when he drove his car through a traffic circle railing and plunged into a valley.

"I was coming from work. It was just me and DJ Yzee in my car," Kaybee told the paper. "That circle is dark. We were following the other guys I work with. As I was driving, I didn't (immediately) see the circle. I then tried to avoid it and I drove over the fence (guard rail)," he added.

"We are both fine. Luckily, there was no alcohol involved. No one was intoxicated. The police came and tested us and no one was arrested. The car was written off but I'm just happy that we survived," he told the paper.

Sjoe. Us too.