Thato Molamu has big plans for 2016

Thato Molamu (Instagram)
Thato Molamu (Instagram)

Johannesburg - 2016 could very possibly be the year Thato Molamu takes over your world.

The former Generations actor says he has big plans for 2016, including being part of a new TV station and a possible return to radio.

Talking to The Juice, Thato says that he will be part of an online station which will motivate youth and provide opportunities for young producers to showcase their work.

"We're launching an online TV station in a couple of weeks. We are also launching an app where you can watch the station," he says. "The station will be called Savuka TV and will promote local content and allow filmmakers to tell their stories with whatever budget they have," he adds.

It's this drive towards youth empowerment and education that has seen Thato plot a return to radio, to host a talk show on burning issues.  

"I feel like we need to use our celebrity to make a real change. I always say that I don't want to die a regular guy. There's a purpose for me and I need to make sure when I leave this earth, I've made a difference," he says.