The year Khanyi Mbau showed us she's changed

Katch it with Khanyi host Khanyi Mbau (
Katch it with Khanyi host Khanyi Mbau (

Johannesburg - It’s no secret that Khanyi Mbau has come a long way in her career and personal life.

Khanyi, who once made headlines for being a “self-confessed gold digger” has turned her life around to become a hard-working woman. Once labeled the Queen of Bling, Khanyi has often described those years of her life as a ‘dark past.’

Khanyi was ridiculed and lambasted on numerous occasions due to her choices in life. When she decided to bury the past and build a career based on her own merit, people still didn’t believe she could change.

But fast forward to 2015 and Khanyi’s talk show Katch It With Khanyi has been raking in incredible numbers for She also stars in her first feature film, Happiness is a four-letter word, which releases early next year.

Society has watched Khanyi bloom and grow into the strong independent woman she is today. Khanyi also celebrated her 30th birthday this year, and to commemorate this milestone she had a steamy photoshoot.

Despite getting backlash for the saucy string of snaps, Khanyi stayed true to herself and the goal of the photoshoot. She wants to show other women that being a mom and 30 doesn’t mean you have to give up your sensuality.

Never one to mince her words Khanyi faced haters head on, and has handled every hurdle with the fighting spirit she’s made of.

Khanyi Mbau has proven that change is possible, and that with determination the world is your play ground.

Can’t wait to see what Khanyi Mbau has in store for 2016!